Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grocery Challenge

I had a good friend post a link from this site ( a week or so ago, and I decided to try out the "20 Meals for $150" with options for 2 lists for Sam's Club and 2 lists for Costco.

We started out with the first one for Sam's Club.

The recipes so far are yummy and simple, but the 4 servings that most the recipes make are too much for my family of 4 as two of the mouths are three or under. 😃  So I took it into consideration when I made my initial list. I already had a few things, like rice and canned tomatoes, but after making my list and comparing it to the one the site had, I found it was missing a pricey item: quinoa. Once we went to the store, I found that our Sam's didn't have some of the same things that were on the list, like the spaghetti sauce and salsa; the prices were also different, which i expected. Plus (as stated above) two of our four mouths are very small, So I didn't get as much meat as on the site's list. Then I didn't get the avocado (only my hubby eats it) or mango (that's one I just gotta do fresh 😉) or bakery rolls (I got frozen Rhodes rolls instead). Oh. And we got bacon.

That being said, (before taxes) we spent $137.

And by my estimates, not only will we have the 20 meals plus leftover food, we'll a few extra whole meals and maybe enough to 'create' a whole new meal!

As of right now, I believe I have dinners planned thru Dec 14, but that is taking out most Sundays as we're usually with extended family... We'll see if it works out to not have to buy much for dinners in the next month!

Here's a secret though, I just copied and pasted the recipes from the listing she had, and didn't buy the printables, (being the designer I am, I will make my own printables). However, (the site changed since I last got on it) the links to the recipes aren't in the meal plan page anymore, but i bet the recipes are still on the site.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cake crumble

Ok, so not really crumbling, just ditching, as a few weeks ago, we finally threw away the rest of our wedding cake. We only ever pulled it out for our one year anniversary (and it wasn't very good then...). It was sent to its doom a month after our 4 year anniversary when I was cleaning out the freezer. But not before, of course, I snapped some pics!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I work and I don't, it depends on your opinion

I recently read an little tidbit on 'Mom-Shaming' ( and thought that it brings some great points, and I've been on both sides of numerous of the arguments there. However, the one that really stood out to me is the Working vs Stay-at-Home mom.

I think people need to realize a few things.

One) A job is not always a career, and a career is not always work. If you LOVE what you do, then it doesn't feel like work. In my opinion, whether husband or wife, your CAREER should be your 'CALLING', the thing you were born to do, destined to suceed at. This 'career' can be what you leave home to do, or what you do at home.

Two) Let's face it, some ladies just aren't meant to be a stay-at-home mom. And others aren't meant to be away from their kids. We all know at least one of each. And there's those like me, who on some days I can't wait to get away, and other days I don't want to (and sometimes won't) leave them.

Three) Some of us consider being a Mom their career, calling, etc. Others of us consider being a mom just a part of life and a side thing while their money making career comes first. And yet others are stuck working away from home while not wanting anything more than to stay at home with their kids, and then some are opposite, feeling stuck at home when they want to be out working.

Four) Compromise is sometimes all you need. I know lots of moms who (myself included) work at home. I have my own business, and love what I do. I don't have many clients right now, but I haven't been working to get more because I love being with my kids, and my husband works full time. I know so many amazing moms who love teaching preschool out of their home. I know some others who have hair/nail studios in their home. Others wait till their kids are at school and find a job within the same hours that the kids are gone. Why not? Its what they studied and worked to be educated in, and I think its a great example for their kids of prioritizing.

Five) Life gives everyone different chances, we take what we get and interpret in our own way.

So my point: we all have our own opinions, and we need to not judge! That's the biggest factor in all the above. And there's always the chance that we don't know the back story or reasons why someone does something, so before you judge someone for doing something different than you, maybe think of what others could judge you about.