Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grocery challenge: complete

So its been a while, but I was sorta waiting till I has completed the challenge I had issued myself before I added any new thoughts.

Anyways, the Sam's club grocery challenge from my last post was indeed a success - not only did my family like most of the recipes (except for the one with quinoa) on the list I found, but it lasted us many more meals then the 20 it was intended for. Plus, 2 month's later, we still have a few freezer meals left, and some groceries left from the initial trip!

I considered trying the 20 meals for $150 Costco list, but I decided with the new year I'm going to just try at least one new recipe a week. I have so many cookbooks with so many yummy looking or sounding recipes, and I still plan my menu ahead so we can do budget friendly, and I want my girls to continue to be so adventurous and willing to try at least one bite of anything with out fights.

So here's to some adventures at dinnertime!!

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