Saturday, January 31, 2015

New recipe sucesses

In a recent post of mine, I said I was going to try new recipes, hopefully one a week. So far, we've actually done well!

The first thing we tried was a shredded beef taco with jicama slaw. I just used leftover roast from a pot roast dinner and cooked it up with red onions, garlic and taco seasoning, served it on tortillas with a mixture of jicama, red onion, dried cilantro and Italian dressing. Surprisingly, my three year old loved them, when my hubby wasn't a fan. And I should have saved some jicama without the dressing, as my one year old liked the bite she got while I was chopping, but she doesn't like Italian dressing. But still, I say its a success!

The latest dish I attempted was a wild rice/potato soup thing with rosemary tilapia. We just made a thick potato soup and added wild rice (rice-a-roni) and served the pan fried seasoned fish on top. Huge success, flavor wise, and everyone loved it, I just need to cook the rice and soup separate next time....

So, does anyone have any yummy recipes that you think are different/unusual that you'd love? Please share!

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