Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Utah Weddings...

I saw a silly article about cliché Utah weddings, and reading through it, I giggled! And I also was glad that I only had 2 (and 1/2) of the 10 on the list 😀


The article goes into a little description of each, but here are the ten things listed:

1. Invitations with Train-Track Photos

2. Giant Princess Dress

3. Lots of Curls

4. Basketball-Court Reception Halls

5. Ice Cream Catering

6. The Line

7. Over-the-Top Centerpieces

8. Family-Made Food

9. Missing Sibling

10. Photo Booths

Darren and I did indeed have #1... And we enjoy the photo!

I don't think my dress was a princess dress, my hair doesn't stay in curls more than about 45 minutes so it was done sorta wavy, we didn't want to have our reception at the church, so we planned it in my parents back yard, but had to move it to the garage due to weather, we had Tandoori Oven cater our reception, we didn't have a formal line, no over-the-top centerpieces, or photo booths...

I did have a missing sibling (but no cardboard cut out 😃) and the 1/2 I mentioned above? We did have family made food, but it was not funeral potatoes or pot luck - we had a sweet pork salad/taco luncheon.

You know what? This claim's to be a cliché list, but most of the weddings I've been to recently also can only claim a few of the items on the list... What things can you claim from your wedding? And was it even in Utah? 

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